Air atomizing Nozzle Introduction and Application

Air atomizing nozzle is also known as a Two fluid nozzle. The two fluid mainly refers to air and liquid two substances. Unlike common atomized nozzles with only one fluid liquid, Air atomizing nozzles could mix two fluids air and liquid together. There are many types of air atomizing nozzles. their internal structure is not the same. But their work principle are the same. it is to atomize the soft materials by the aerosolization of compressed air.

air atomizing nozzles introduction

Therefore, these kinds of nozzles can avoid the disadvantages of those mechanical nozzles. mechanical nozzles have poor atomization problem, and oil spray adjustment is limited by the oil supply pressure. But air atomizing nozzles don’t have these problems. The special internal structure design of the air atomizing nozzle enables the liquid and gas to mix evenly, producing a spray of microdrop size or coarse dropspray spray. In general, a finer (around 30 mm) droplet spray can be obtained by increasing the gas pressure or reducing the liquid pressure. And we will get a higher gas flow rate versus a liquid flow rate.


Adjustable air atomizing nozzles can adjust liquid flow, without changing air pressure and liquid pressure environment, to produce the same the spray as required. So it has a strong suitability. Each spray unit consists of an air cap and a liquid cap, could provide fan and round spray modes with a wide flow range. The inlet connectors of the nozzle body are available in a variety of sizes and are suitable for most commonly used pipes.

The above nozzle components are interchangeable, which provides flexibility for different spray properties. The fine drop spray produced by the air atomizing nozzle can perform an excellent humidification effect on the surrounding environment. The series of nozzles are ideal choices for places where effective humidity control is required.


There are many types and models for the air atomizing nozzles. Ultrasonic air atomizing nozzle, external mixed fan air atomizing nozzle, automatic air atomizing nozzle, siphon air atomizing nozzle, pressure air atomizing nozzle, DK automatic air atomizing nozzle, J1/8 air atomizing nozzle and so on.

According to the spray shape classification of the atomized nozzle. It can be divided into Round shape, fan shape and wide-angle round shape. According to the way of spray has pressure, siphon gravity atomizing nozzle is optional.


Air atomizing nozzles are widely used in wetting and humidification, chemical treatment, chemical spray, liquid spraying, leaf humidification, tablet coating, flue gas evaporation cooling, artificial fog and other fields. The application mode and shape characteristics of air atomized nozzle varies depending on the different application fields.

Here below is a adjustable air atomizing nozzles spraying testing video display:

And Here below is a ultrasonic air atomizing nozzles spraying testing video display: