Cleaning & Washing

Spray nozzles can help to maximize the efficiency in cleaning fields, There are kinds of nozzles for washing in CYCO.

Selecting the proper nozzle for your industry not only can decrease your cost but also increase efficiency. Look up the recommendation in below or directly tell our expert what you want to clean.

  • It’s very convenient to clean tanks or vessels, which usually confined and difficult to enter in.

  • High-efficiency and time-saving, Nozzles can supply powerful impact liquid for cleaning.

  • Easy implement, Just need to install the nozzle to tube or hose with a screw tip.

Cleaning & Washing is very normal in various industrial area, like medicine, food, chemical process, beverage, and papermaking. In the past, people usually spend much time and process in it with a severe working environment. But now, it’s easy to solve it by washing nozzles.

tank washing cleaning effect          paper nozzles

How to select the washing nozzle

    For tank cleaning, it’s recommended to use tank cleaning nozzles, it’s very convenient to implement in the confined room.

Rotating tank wash nozzle ball type tank wash nozzle

In the papermaking industry, Narrow-angle fan nozzles are usually applied for its power liquid impact and easy implement.

Narrow Angle Flat Fan Nozzle 15-50 Degree

For high-pressure washing, fan nozzles are normally recommended, it’s powerful impact and lined area can effectively wash what you want.

Hollow cone nozzles and full cone nozzles also are used in some situation for cleaning, like conveyor washing.

 Wide Angle Square Full Cone Nozzle

For Other Kinds of Washing and Rinsing, spiral nozzles can be used.

Washing & Cleaning Application by CYCO Spray Nozzles:

  • Semiconductor water cleaning
  • Waste gas desulphurization
  • Cement mixer’s high-pressure cleaning
  • Beverages barrel’s self-cleaning
  • Processing chemical cleaning for automobile, motorcycle and domestic electric appliances and so on
  • High pressure washing
  • Electric circuit board cleaning
  • Circuit chemical cleaning
  • Beer bottle cleaning
  • Mirror industry glass cleaning
  • Clean the sand on the strainer
  • Sand, coal, gravel washing
  • The paper mill wool blanket and netting clean
  • Tank and inside surface of tank cleaning
  • Biscuit packing environment for food-processing
  • Strainer and filter
  • Fruit & vegetable washing
  • Bottle capsule clean for food processing
  • Mirror industry glass cleaning
  • Clean industrial equipment
  • Metal cleaning and processing
  • Container washing
  • High pressure water for dephosphorization on the surface of rolled steel
  • Barrels self-cleaning
  • Plastic containers cleaning
  • Various of containers and oil tank cleaning
  • Clean the floor in processing workshop

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