Fire protection

CYCO & Changyuan offers a large variety of high-performance spray nozzles for the open-type deluge, water walls, and water mist fire protection systems.

They are proven to work in the most demanding and mission-critical environments and are trusted to protect offshore drilling and production platforms, petroleum storage and transfer stations, LNG tanks, refineries, and other valuable industrial complexes and equipment.

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firefighting nozzle


  • Tunnel / Subway

  • Coal industry

  • Electronic industry

  • Petrochemical industry

  • More Fire Protection Applications

  • Food processing industry

Nozzles are normally used in public utilities nowadays for firefighting, its high effort, low-cost, and durable long time attracts many customers.

fire sprinkler

How to select the firefight nozzle

It’s recommended to use the firefighting water mist nozzles, there are several types in CCNOZZLE like open type High-Pressure water mist nozzle\ close type high-pressure water mist nozzle\open type medium pressure water mist nozzle and so on.

water mist nozzle for firefighting
High Pressure Fire-Fighting Water Mist Nozzle

For Fireproofing and fire extinguishment, spiral spray nozzle can be applied in these field.

More Fire protection applications:

Electric appliance fitting section

Pressure vessel

Coal Store section

Horizontal multi-layer drier

Rocket and missile test bed

House and common building


Convey belt channel

Nuclear power station fire protection

Oil trough and gas trough fire protection

Oil station tank car

Rocket launcher fireproofing insufflation

Deposited jar

Pipeline of steel mill and epurating mill

Liquefied petroleum gas trough and tank car

Shipping and pgeboard

Offing oil field

Transformer substation and farming machine substation

Bin char prevention

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