Paper & Pulp nozzles

paper pulp nozzle application

In the paper & pulp field, spray nozzles are mainly used for edge trimming, cleaning, and air control. CYCO have cooperated with several paper-making plants, and have developed sorts of the special nozzle for it.

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Common Nozzle Applications in the Paper Industry

Air Control

  • Using compressed air to direct sheets of paper during processing

Cleaning / Washing

  • Conveyor/felt
    • Removing debris from the process conveyors
  • Doctor blade
    • Clearing the buildup of paper on the scraper or doctor blade in tissue mills
  • Drum and Tote Cleaning
    • Chemical totes and drums
  • Shaker screen wash
    • Cleaning off heavy particulates from filtering screens used in recycled paper mills
  • Tank Cleaning
    • Stock chests, holding tanks

Dust Control

  • Spraying water in the recycled paper holding area in order to suppress dust clouds

Edge trimming

  • Straight jet nozzles are used to trim paper to the desired size


  • Lubricating the machines and materials used during paper processing to prevent binding or clogging

Moisturizing & Humidification

  • Spraying onto the paper before the roll, in order to get a specific moisture
  • Humidifying the holding area for paper rolls
paper pulp nozzle application

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