Fine plastic of air Atomizing nozzle design method:

Material: glass fiber reinforced polypropylene plastic

Features: All components are precisely manufactured and produced, and the spray droplets are fine: 20-40 microns,

Spray angle: 80-90 degrees, water output: 1.6-3.4 liters/hour, system water supply pressure: 3-14 kg,
spray coverage area of ​​each nozzle is 3~4 square meters, cooling capacity: 5~10℃.
Advantages: There is a filter inside the nozzle, which is not easy to be blocked, which greatly extends the service life; and has a drip-proof structure, and the nozzle will not drip when the system pressure is closed.

Atomizing nozzle of plastic fine atomizing nozzles range of applications:
plant cooling, humidification and other greenhouse flowers, nursery, cooling
industry: Textile plants, cigarette factories, electronics factory, paper mill room, printing room, car painting plant, wood (furniture) Humidification of processing plants, fire (explosive) medicine production plants, etc.; cooling of power plant plants and steel plant plants; humidification and cooling of high-temperature and high-humidity environmental conditions in the brewing and food industries.
Agriculture: cold storage, greenhouse, livestock breeding, flower nursery, edible fungus cultivation, greenhouse cultivation, preservation of fruits and vegetables, prevention of static electricity, disinfection, haze prevention, dust suppression, etc. humidification and cooling.

Landscape fog generation: the ultra-fine mist particles suspended in the air move with the wind like clouds and appear and disappear from time to time, creating a fascinating scenery effect; at the same time, the ultra-fine mist particles contain a large number of negative ions, which increase the oxygen content of the air , Greatly create and improve people’s living and living environment.