Both the 36250 and 28250 compact rotary cleaning nozzles have the following characteristics:
three high-pressure fan spray nozzles are installed on the rotary nozzle, and the flow of cleaning liquid drives the rotary nozzle to rotate. These nozzles are precisely positioned and are completely within the coverage of the spray track for all internal surfaces. Therefore, both types of nozzles can provide effective internal cleaning for vials, cans and barrels.

The main body of the 36250 nozzle is made of anti-corrosion engineering plastics, and the bearing and bearing retainer are made of hardened stainless steel; in order to achieve the maximum wear life, high-pressure cleaning can be achieved, and the pressure can reach 5 bar. The 28250 compact nozzle can pass through an opening with a diameter of 42 mm, and the lower flow fan spray nozzle is excellent for cleaning small containers (such as barrels). The nozzle body is made of 316 stainless steel to achieve the maximum wear life and achieve high pressure cleaning, the pressure can reach 7 bar.