Detailed Explanation of the Five Reasons Caused High-Pressure Nozzle Damage

Nozzles need to be inspected and repaired regularly, cleaned or even replaced to ensure the quality of the final work-piece and to maintain the economics of the production process. There are many reasons why the high-pressure nozzle is damaged.

As long as we pay attention to the following small details during the use, we can reduce the chance of high-pressure nozzle damage and prolong the service life of the high-pressure nozzle. The reasons for the common high-pressure nozzle damage are summarized in detail and mainly include the following points.

First, five reasons for common high-pressure nozzle damage

1. Corrosion effect causes damage to high-pressure nozzle

When the high-flow liquid passes through the metal surface of the high-pressure nozzle hole, the adverse effect of corrosion on the nozzle hole is formed, and the nozzle pressure is lowered, and the spray shape is also unruly. The probability of corrosion of high-pressure nozzles depends on the hardness of the liquid, the spray pressure, the type of chemical data used and its amount.

In addition, particulate impurities in the liquid also have a bad influence on the nozzle. Therefore, in order to ensure the functionality of the nozzle, the high-pressure nozzle damage should be removed with less corrosive chemicals as much as possible.

Spray Nozzle Damaged and Corrosive

2. improper use will also cause high-pressure nozzle damage

The operational use of faults and the inability to protect in time are the primary causes of accidental hazards in high-pressure nozzles. Although the high-pressure nozzle port is depicted as concave as far as possible to prevent damage, the offset layout of the fan-shaped nozzle is easily compromised.

3, high-temperature water medium causes high-pressure nozzle damage

Assuming that the high-pressure nozzle is operated at high temperature or abnormal temperature for a long time, it will cause the nozzle to be damaged due to softening of the data, and then affect the normal operation of the high-pressure nozzle.

4, poor spray can also cause high-pressure nozzle damage

Industrial nozzle chemical data and impurities build up inside or outside the high-pressure nozzle to form a high-pressure nozzle that does not flow smoothly. This will affect the spray effect of the nozzle and then affect the spray pressure.

5. The corrosive nature of the chemical medium causes damage to the high-pressure nozzle.

When the cleaning personnel selects the chemical data to wash and purify the target, these chemical data will become corrosive to the high-pressure nozzle, and then affect the normal function of the nozzle.

Second, the precautions when using a high-pressure nozzle

1. Flow and pressure, spray angle and coverage.

Flow and pressure, spray angle and coverage are proportional. The purpose of any nozzle injection is to maintain continuous contact of the bath with the workpiece. This factor is more important than pressure.

2. the temperature of the liquid

The temperature of the liquid does not affect the spray performance of the nozzle, but it affects the viscosity and specific gravity, but also affects the choice of materials. The material of the nozzle should also be determined according to the chemical characteristics of the bath. For non-corrosive baths, bronze casting or plastic die casting can be used according to the difficulty of processing.

3. Nozzle materials selection

In order to prevent corrosion, non-metallic materials can be used; for strong corrosion tanks such as sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid, nylon plastic can be used; nozzle materials for phosphating bath are generally made of acid-resistant stainless steel, and nozzles for preventing corrosion can also be directly used. Made of stainless steel or nylon.

After all, the causes of damage to the high-pressure nozzles are mainly corrosion effects, improper use methods, high-temperature aqueous media, poor spray, and corrosive properties of chemical media. We pay attention to the following when using them, and use them in suitable fields. The nozzle can achieve good results and prolong the service life of the high-pressure nozzle!

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