Differences Between Metal Nozzle and Plastic Nozzle


As we all knows,  metal nozzles and plastic nozzles are made of different materials. The what’s the differences between them? Let’s check the introduction as below:

1 Service Life


Metal nozzles are much heavier than plastic nozzles, and have longer service life than plastic nozzles. So for the heavy industries spraying system, it is recommended to use the metal nozzles.

2 Anti-corrosive quality

Compared to the metal nozzles, plastic nozzles have better anti-corrosive quality. If the spraying system project is in a high corrosive environment, maybe a plastic nozzle is better than a metal nozzle.

3 Hardness

Talking about the hardness, metal nozzle, of course have higher hardness than plastic. And in the metal nozzle categories, stainless steel nozzles have higher hardness than brass nozzles.


4 Cost

This is simple, metal, especially stainless and brass material, cost more than plastic material. So usually metal nozzles are more expensive than plastic nozzles. In some situation, we don’t need high hardness nozzle and high cost nozzle, for example agricultural irrigation nozzle, we can choose the plastic nozzle.

So, there’s all about their differences. Have above explanation could help you know more about the different kind materials of nozzles, and help you to choose the right nozzles needed.