Disinfection And Sterilization Nozzle Introduction

anti-dirp-fd-brass-misting-nozzle-for disinfection and sterilization

General Introduction of Disinfection And Sterilization nozzle

The Disinfection And Sterilization nozzles, one of main pattern is anti-drip brass misting nozzle.

It use the brass body, interior-encrusted stainless steel nozzle snout rust-free key diversion blades, containing a leak-proof device. Liquid under 0Kg-120kg water pressure flow in high-speed. in the flow blades, it forms a centrifugal vortex,  spewing very fine hollow mist from the spray hole. It use the special atmosphere dragon beach mesh, fog particles in about 50 um. It is widely used in plant humidification, salt fog, artificial and other sites.

There are some of other kind of mist nozzles, also have very good disinfection and sterilization function. For example, plastic misting nozzle, various kinds of fine mist spray nozzle, air atomizing nozzle and dry fog humidifier nozzle.

humidification nozzles

Advantages of Disinfection And Sterilization nozzle

The nozzle punch of anti-drip brass Disinfection mist nozzle is punched by the United States precision puncher, the aperture between 0.1mm-15nmm. It is  well-made. Compared to air-humidification, it saves costs more than 10 times.

No need for air assistance. Simple system installation. Spray fog point is small. Fog point up to 3-7 microns, fog fully, energy saving, low cost, good effect. nozzle does not block, does not leak. Automatic cleaning of the inner spin, stainless steel spray by advanced forging process treatment, strong durability. It is 2.5 times the working life of similar nozzles.

disinfection sterilization mist nozzle application

Character and Application of Disinfection And Sterilization nozzle

Humidification: Adjust the relative humidity in the air to keep fresh and promote crop growth. In the high dust environment, by its wet action, It can be appropriately used to control dust to prevent dust explosion.

Cooling: fine mist particles, instant rapid gasification, adsorption of potential heat in the space.

Purifying air: micro-fog particles can fall with the suspended dust of air, and the gasification process can break down oxygen negative ions to fresh indoor and outdoor air.

Disinfection and epidemic prevention: with fog to add disinfectant water, It can achieve the purpose of comprehensive epidemic prevention in deep space.

Landscaping: Garden restaurant, open-air coffee shop, swimming pool, large playground, park, fountain, artificial rainforest and other landscape beautification and cooling.

Livestock application: farmhouse cooling, disinfection spray (e.g. cattle, chickens, pigs, sheep, etc.)

Outdoor activities: golf courses, tennis courts, basketball courts, garden tours, advertising and other cooling applications.

Agricultural industry: greenhouse crop temperature maintained, humidity maintained. (e.g. flowers, mushrooms, fruits and vegetables, etc.)

Resource recycling site: plant cooling, dust, deodorization, disinfection

Textile industry: plant humidity to maintain, finished products back to the tide.

Paper industry: plant humidity to maintain, plant cooling.

Food factory: disinfection of the work area, deodorization.

misting nozzle for disinfection sterilization humifification and dust control