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Adjustable Air Atomizing Spray Nozzle

CYCO & Changyuan Adjustable atomizing nozzle has a special interior structure, which can evenly mix liquid & gas and generate tiny spraying drop or large spraying drop.

  • Adjustable Air Atomizing Nozzle

  • The lowes flow available and good moisture effect

  • The special interior structure can evenly mix liquid & gas and generate tiny spraying drop or large spraying drop

  • Narrow spray angle (12° to 22°) with full cone pattern

  • Ideal choice with efficient moisture

Air Atomizing Nozzle can be used for below fields:

  • Cool spraying & Moisturization
  • Mould lubricating
  • Spraying injection
  • Air disinfection

Adjustable Air Atomizing Nozzle Descriptions:

In a common situation, we can get super tiny(about 30mm)liquid spraying drop by air pressure increasing or hydraulic pressure decreasing. Adjustable Atomized can adjust liquid capacity. It can meet the requirement of spraying without changing air pressure and hydraulic pressure. Therefore, it has a good adaptability.

air water atomizing nozzle

Each spray device is composed of air cap and liquid cap, which can offer two spray modes, flat fan and round, with wide liquid capacity coverage. Various available sizes of inlet joint for spray nozzle. It is flexible with changeable parts. Atomizing Nozzle has good moisture effect. It is the ideal choice for the location where requires moisture control.

Structure Diagram of Air Atomizing Nozzle

Pressure Air Atomizing Demo Display of Flat Fan Shaped Pattern

Pressure Air Atomizing Demo Display of Round Shaped Pattern

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