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High Pressure Anti-Drip Brass Mist Spray Nozzle

The body of anti-drip fine mist nozzle is made of brass, with stainless steel nozzle core and stainless steel flow leading vane(include a leakproof device) inside.

outline of anti-drip misting nozzle

Anti-Drip Brass Misting Spray Nozzle Features:

At the hydraulic pressure of 70 kg to 120 kg, it flows with high speed and forms centrifugal volution inflow leading vane.

Then it sprays a tiny hollow spraying drop of around 50 um with Teflon mesh, which can be widely applied in moisturization and man-made mist.

It introduced American driller for drill of spray hole, with a hole diameter of 0.1 mm to 0.15 mm. Compared with air moisturization, it cuts cost by ten times.

Material: Brass

Flow Rate: 20-243 ML/min

Thread Size: 1/8″ 3/16″

Anti-Drip Brass Mist Spray Nozzle Features Common Application:

Wetting And Rust Removal Parts Cooling
Humidity For Space Fruit Wax Injection
Chemical Treatment Ceramic Tile Glazing
Chemical Agent Spraying Humidify For Factory
Liquid Coating Salt Fog Test
Humidity For Tobacco Leaf Artificial Fog
Pill Coating Humidify For Other Place
Cooling For Flue Gas Disinfection And Sterilization

Performance Data of Anti-Drip Brass Mist Spray Nozzle:

Part No. Orifice Dia (mm) Thread Size Pressure (bar) Flow Rate (L/M)
FD1 0.15 10/24,
20-70 0.029-0.046
FD2 0.2 20-70 0.049-0.086
FD3 0.3 15-70 0.065-0.145
FD4 0.4 7-70 0.056-0.178
FD5 0.5 7-70 0.077-0.248

Ordering Info of Anti-Drip Brass Mist Spray Nozzle:

Nozzle Type Thread Size Material Code Insert Code

CER = ceramic insert
NPB = nickle palted brass

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