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DJ Automatic Air Atomizing Nozzle

DJ Series automatic air atomizing nozzles have an inner gas driver to control ‘on-off’, and can circulate 180 times per minute. When ‘on-off’ runs, only the liquid of the sprayer will be shut off. The liquid flow can be carried to the nozzle body by siphon, gravity or pressure.

Standard Type

1/4 DJ nozzle has air and liquid screw thread with the inlet size of 1/4 inch NPT or BSPT(female).

And screw thread gas driver inlet size of 1 /8 inch NPT or BSPT (female).

This type of nozzle is used with small-flow liquid cap.

45 Degree Type

1/8 DJ spray nozzle is a compact, automatic atomizing nozzle.

With a single inlet for atomizing gas and driver gas.

It keeps 45 degree angle between the inlet line and spray line.

Compact Type

1/8 DJ spray nozzle is a compact, automatic atomizing nozzle, With a pipeline for single gas.

It’s designed to be used in small area.

The size of screw thread air and liquid inlet is 1/8 inch NPTor BSPT(inner).

Single Gas Pipeline Type

With a single gas pipeline, 1/4 DJ nozzle can be used in atomizing and driving gas.

lt controls the pressure to drive the atomizing gas and liquid during ‘on-off period.

This type of nozzle requires 2 bar gas pressure at least, and could circulatel 80 times per minute.

Features of DJ Automatic Air Atomizing Spray Nozzle:

All the parts of CYCO spray nozzles are made accurately at strict quality control standard, to insure running smoothly and long service lifetime. The nozzle can be made of nickel-plating brass or stainless steel. Each nozzle has a stainless steel needle valve, a stainless steel flow cap and a stainless steel spring.


Corrugating Board Humidify

Ordering Info of DJ Automatic Air Atomizing Spray Nozzle:

1/8DJ 316SS + SUCB-316SS
Nozzle Type Material Code Nozzle device No.
Refering to D Series Parameter

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