Project Description

Metal Clamp Connector

The Metal Nozzle Connector provides quick and economical method for the nozzle and other parts installation at piping. Only to Drill of fitting diameter, along the pipeline to slip the connector and screw the bolt tightly, lock up it at proper place.

Design Features:

The special design not only avoids the jointing of screw thread;

But also can use to install the nozzles in the sustain pipe which without screw thread.

More Metal Clamp Connector Features:

The Connector body was made of steel bar, the joint size of exit can be choosing. If it must uninstall the nozzle after the connector installation, then this design prevents the connector running in the clip button.

This connector entrance can embed the pipeline. It avoid deposit enter into it and make the block reduce minimum. DingQing rubber tightly fix the cushions that can make most material erode, it provides a well air-proof condition.

Ordering Info of Metal Clamp Connector:

7521 B 1 X 1/4
Connector Model Material Code Clamp Size Outlet Connection NPT or BSPT (Outside)

Metal Clamp Connector Performance Data:

Folder Deducion connectors Clamp Size Outlet Connection NPT or BSPT Common material Max. Pressure (bar) Max. Liquid (L/min) Size Net Weight (kg)
Pipe Size (inch) Outer Pipe dia. (mm) A B C A (mm) B Pipe orifice dia. C Body inlet dia. D (mm)
7521 1/2 20-22 1/8 1/4 17 11 48 7.1 mm 4.8 mm 17.5 0.06
3/4 25-27 1/8 1/4 54
1 32-35 1/8 1/4 57
8370 1-/1/4 39-43 1/4 3/8 1/2 9 45 70 17.5 mm 11.1 or 14.3 mm 20 0.17
1-/1/2 44-51 1/4 3/8 1/2 81
2 54-60 1/4 3/8 1/2 88

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