Project Description

Methanol Nozzle

Methanol nozzle is one of mechanical air atomizing nozzle designed by Changyuan.

Specification and Characteristics:

  1. Wide adjustable flow range
  2. High accuracy flow control
  3. Excellent atomizing performance

General Introduction of Methanol nozzle:

The methanol nozzle combines the advantages of simple mechanical misting nozzle and high-pressure air flow misting nozzles, and eliminates each disadvantage by using a higher oil pressure and high speed gas to lower down the oil pressure and air consumption than the mechanical atomizing nozzle. So the adjustment ratio is expanded, atomizing performance is improved, also the gas consumption is saved.

Application Characteristics of Methanol Nozzle:

Applied to burner system of light and heavy oil, alcohol-based fuel system.

Parameter of Methanol Nozzle:

Model Air Press.
0.3 Mpa
Oil Press.
0.1 Mpa
Air Press.
0.3 Mpa
Oil Press.
0.2 Mpa
Air Press.
0.3 Mpa
Oil Press.
0.3 Mpa
Capacity kg/h Capacity kg/h Capacity kg/h
JC-1 20 80 120
JC-2 60 200 300
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