High Pressure Spray Nozzle

What kind of nozzle is a high-pressure nozzle? high-pressure is generally more than 35 kg of working pressure. We Dongguan Changyuan Spray Technology Co. , Ltd. is the real high-pressure nozzle manufacturers.

There are mainly three types of high-pressure nozzles, FD fine atomization nozzle is one of them, it is a single-flow nozzle. Working pressure 70-120 kg of water pressure, water mist particle size of 40-50 microns. It can be described as a single fluid atomization nozzle of the atomized nozzle family. Although there is another member FE fine atomization nozzle that is also a single fluid, FE is low pressure, not high pressure.

CYCO FD Anti-drip Water Mist Spray Nozzle

Second, Let’s look at the high-pressure needle nozzle and high-pressure fine water mist spray nozzle. a liquid column flow nozzle, can also be zero angle nozzle, because the sprayed out liquid is a straight line, with no angle.

CYCO High Pressure Needle Nozzle

And another is fan-shaped, after the heat-treatment, the high pressure can be max 275 bar, this high-pressure nozzle is mainly widely used in the paper making industry.

MEG High Pressure Wash Nozzle for Paper Making Industry

The third nozzle type is our high-pressure fire fighting fine water mist nozzle. They are usually applied in some special occasions, such as library, archives, cultural relics library and turbine room, etc. We can see the high-pressure fine water mist fire fighting nozzles there. Their high-pressure fine water mist has a great role for the fire extinguishing, fire control, fire control and oil dust removal.

High-pressure Fire Fighting Fine Water Mist Nozzle

There’s all about the high pressure spray nozzles, the FD high pressure fine atomization nozzle, high-pressure needle nozzle and high-pressure fine water mist spray nozzle, and high-pressure fire fighting fine water mist nozzle. Each of them has its own special usage and applications. Hope this article could help you get to know the high pressure nozzles.