Misting Nozzle’s industry Application

According to the purpose of the nozzles, the application of spray nozzles can be divided into eight main types: cleaning, coating, cooling, fire prevention, humidification, dust suppression, lubrication, and gas cooling and scrubbing. There are various kinds of nozzle can be used for some specific applications. Misting nozzle is one of the them.
Today, we will introduce the industry applications of misting nozzles.

1. Paper mill

The misting nozzle used in Paper mills is mainly for coating, for example, the surface coating of the paper, which is used on the coating machine.

2. Textile industry

The textile industry also uses many misting nozzles, the main applications are as below:

(1) plant humidification, especially in textile factory with high dust conditions, we need to do the humidification, for the cotton spinning, weaving, wool and towels;

(2) add a kind of pine oil to the yarn to prevent the yarn from drying off the yarn.

3. Electronics Factory

The electronics factory, especially large electronics plant, mainly uses mist nozzles for large space humidification and cooling.

4. Pharmaceutical factory

Pharmaceutical plants and the textile industry are similar, that is, the most used nozzles are misting nozzles. They are mainly used for:

(1) Granulation nozzle;

(2) coating nozzle, i.e. the icing coating on the surface of the drug;

5. Waste disposal

The misting nozzle can spray a kind of spice on the garbage to remove ordor.

6. Dust removal, smoke removal, exhaust gas treatment

misting nozzles can be used in dust removal, smoke removal and exhaust gas treatment. They are mainly used in the following two aspects:

(1) used for wet dust remover or relevant dust control equipment;

(2) used for some enterprises waste smoke exhaust gas purification, usually they need to use large flow nozzles;

7. Outdoor leisure industry

Even in the outdoor leisure industry, the use of misting nozzles is indispensable. For example, outdoor recreation sheds, with mist nozzles to humidify outdoor air and flowers. They can be fine misting nozzles or plastic misting nozzle.