CYCO & Changyuan, 상하이에서 열리는 Marintec China 2019에 참석

CYCO & Changyuan, 상하이에서 열리는 Marintec China 2019에 참석 우리는 CYCO Dongguan Changyuan 스프레이 기술 유한 회사에 대한 신규 및 기존 고객의 지원과 신뢰에 매우 감사드립니다. 12월에는 Marintec China 2019에 참가할 예정입니다. 20년 이상의 스프레이 노즐 제조 및 수출 경험과 개발을 통해 CYCO & Changyuan Spraying은 보다 [...]

december 2nd, 2021|

Industrial nozzles for cleaning: 5 types you need to know

Industrial nozzles for cleaning: which type you need to use As China's top industrial nozzle manufacturer, Changyuan Spray Technology specializes in the production of various nozzles for all kinds of industries. Industrial nozzles are also named spray nozzle. Most of them are installed in various spraying, atomizing, oil spraying, [...]

november 18th, 2020|

Misting Nozzle’s industry Application

Misting Nozzle’s industry Application According to the purpose of the nozzles, the application of spray nozzles can be divided into eight main types: cleaning, coating, cooling, fire prevention, humidification, dust suppression, lubrication, and gas cooling and scrubbing. There are various kinds of nozzle can be [...]

mei 19th, 2020|
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