Oil Burner Nozzle Introduction

Today we will explain the oil burner nozzle that can be used for various industries. And the medium liquid is oil and gasoline. The nozzle for the burner is OD oil nozzle. This OD nozzle can be divided into ordinary and advanced type. The advanced type has the filter function and has a good filtering effect for general tap water.

OD Series Oil Burner Nozzle

OD series oil burner nozzle is a single-way high-pressure atomized oil burner nozzle. It is suitable for light oil and heavy oil’s misting and burning. It could provide the for different kinds of spray angle 30°45° 60° and 80°.

OD series oil burner nozzle has three types spray pattern, solid cone, half-solid cone and hollow cone. And it could provide 0.5usgal to 35usgal models’ Mistking oil nozzle.

od series oil burner nozzle

Features of OD series oil burner nozzle:

  1. Light oil and heavy oil’s atomizing.
  2. Have the 0.5 usgal to 35 usgal models.
  3. Real capacity spraying effect.

Siphon Air Atomizing Oil Nozzle

Siphon air atomizing oil nozzle is a kind of air atomizing nozzle that can create the best atomizing effect under low pressure.

It is widely used in diesel oil, heavy oil, water residue oil, animal and plant oil, alcohol-based fuel combustion machine system, as well as kerosene, oil atomization.


Features of siphon air atomizing oil nozzle:

  1. Siphon oil nozzle type.
  2. Excellent air atomizing effect.
  3. Work under low pressure.

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Back Flow Oil Return Nozzle Series

The back flow oil return nozzle is a single-way pressure atomization nozzle that can adjust the spray flow and angle. There is a return channel inside the return nozzle. When the return valve is open, some of the fuel can be returned to the oil tank through the return channel. At the same time, the oil pressure before the injection is basically unchanged, the atomization effect of the nozzle is stable when change the flow.


Feature of back flow oil return nozzle:

  1. We can accurately control the flow through the oil return nozzle’s pressure.
  2. The oil return nozzle’s spray angle range is small.
  3. Stable oil nozzle pressure, adjustable flow, stable oil atomization effect.
  4. Could provide a wide range oil flow.

Energy Nozzle, Methanol Nozzle and Asphalt Nozzle

Energy nozzle, methanol nozzle and asphalt nozzle are some other special oil nozzle. For example, methanol nozzle is specially used for atomizing methanol with good atomizing and misting effect. Energy nozzle and asphalt nozzle can be used for some big industry projects.


So there’s all about the various kinds of oil nozzle introduction. Each kind of products have the continuous upgrading and innovation. There may be some more good and new oil nozzles coming out. We will continue to introduce them then.

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