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Flat Fan Spray Nozzle

Flat fan nozzles mainly used for cleaning, washing, descaling etc. How to pick the best type? Email us consultant, you will get back in 24 hours

flat fan spray nozzle

Flat Fan Nozzle Character:

  • Feature a high impact solid stream or a flat fan spray pattern with the spray angles between 0°-100°.

  • Uniform distribution of small to medium sized drops.

  • Spray angle and capacity can be customized.

  • Material: Brass, Stainless steel, Plastic

Flat fan nozzle

CYCO & Changyuan produced flat fan nozzle since 1997, They are mainly made of brass/ stainless steel.

Flat Fan Spray Nozzles flat fan jet nozzle

Flat fan spray nozzles feature a high impact solid stream and the pattern with the spray angles between 0°-110°.

Properly aligned, the specially tapered spray edges make an even coverage.

flat fan spray nozzle

Jet stabilizers installed in the heads of flat fan spray nozzle increase the spray distance and durative power.

When spray nozzles are installed on T-shape pipe, branching pipe or bend pipe and the fluid swerves into the nozzle, turbulence occurs, which diffuses the jet flow.

The stabilizer minimizes the diffusion and concentrates the jet flow through a thinner and stabler way, offering better performance in jet distance and durative power.

Flat Fan Nozzle Application

  • Chemical cleaning;
  • Product washing/rinsing;
  • Pressure cleaning;
  • Fire suppression/prevention
  • Descaling;

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