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Fuel Oil Burner Furnace Nozzle

OD Fuel Oil Nozzle is a single fluid high-pressure atomizing burner nozzle, which is suitable for atomizing burning of light oil and heavy oil. The flow parameter is from 0.5 us gal to 35 us gal.

full cone oil burner nozzle
  • Feature a solid cone spray pattern with extremely fine particle size at low air pressures and low CFM.

  • Flow rates, pray angles and droplet sizes can be modified, with limitations, by variations in the air.

  • Clog-free operation of low volume due to relatively large passages.

cyco od series burner nozzle

OD Series Oil Burner Nozzle Features:

CYCO & Changyuan Oil burner nozzles used for atomizing oil burning, They have 4 different spraying angles 30°, 45°, 60°, 80°, and 3 spraying pattern: solid cone, hollow cone, semi-solid cone. Oil filter net is inserted in the nozzle for non-clog. They are also called snow making nozzles in some places.

Different oil filter matches different capacity, details as below:
A: capacity from 0.30-0.35 us gal/h use 30 micro melting cooper filter.
B: capacity from 0.40-0.85 us gal/h use 45 micro melting cooper filter.
C: capacity from 1.00-1.75 us gal/h use 75 micro melting cooper filter.
D: capacity from 2.00-11.00 us gal/h use 145 micro melting cooper filter.
E: capacity above 12.00 us gal/h do not use the filter.


  • For atomizing oil burning

Diagram of OD Series Oil Burner Nozzle:

Diagram of CYCO OD Series Oil Burner Nozzle
Spray Angle and Pattern of CYCO OD Sereis Oil Burner Nozzle

Models and Performance Data:

ModelSpray anglerate of flow (10bar)
0.50H  SH  SH  SH  S1.87
0.55H  SH  SH  SH  S2.11
0.60H  SH  SH  SH  S2.37
0.65H S BH S BH S BH S B2.67
0.70H S BH S BH S BH S B2.94
0.85H S BH S BH S BH S B3.31
1.00H S BH S BH S BH S B3.72
1.10H  SH  SH  SH  S4.24
1.20H  SH  SH  SH  S4.45
1.25H S BH S BH S BH S B4.71
1.35H S BH S BH S BH S B5.17
1.50H S BH S BH S BH S B5.84
1.65H  SH  SH  SH  S6.08
1.75H  SH  SH  SH  S6.55
2.00H S BH S BH S BH S B7.42
2.25H S BH S BH S BH S B8.35
2.50H S BH S BH S BH S B9.29
2.75H S BH S BH S BH S B10.5
3.00H S BH S BH S BH S B11.6
3.75BS  BS  BS  B13.8
4.50S  BS  BS  B16.1
5.00S  BS  BS  B18.5
5.50S  BS  BS  B20.9
6.00S  BS  BS  B23.4

Torque After Installed

Nozzle mounting button
Recommend Installed Torque1.5-20Nm
Max. Installed Torque25Nm

Order Reference

BrandSerial No.Model No.Spray AngleSpray Pattern
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