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K2 Mixing Fluid Eductor Nozzle

K2 Mixing Fluid spray nozzle can be applied for anodizing, mixing, plating, phosphating, conductivity, rinsing, cleaning, sludge treatment, stripping.


Material Characteristic:

■ Constructed of carbon fiber-glass-reinforced Polypropylene of SS316.

■ Maximum operation temperature 120°C,300°C for stainless steel.

■ Corrosion resistance and aging resistance.

It also can be used for plating tanks, cleaning tanks, phosphating tanks, E-coat tanks, fertilizer tanks, pulp tanks, sludge tanks, paint booths, anodizing tanks, cooling towers and decorative fountains.

Design Features of K2 Mixing Fluid Spray Nozzle:

Designed on the basis of the berboulli theory, fluid under pressure is pumped into the nozzle through its large flow opening, as the liquid exits the nozzle at high velocity, it draws surrounding solution through the nozzle’s “flow-through” chamber that’s designed to eliminate internal material build-up. The additional liquid flow mixes with the pumped solution. That is, the nozzle can pull in 4 gallons of surrounding solution for every 1 gallon pumped through the nozzle.


Functions of K2 Mixing Fluid Spray Nozzle:

  • provides a honogeneous fluid mix without the use if air agitation precluding oxidative deconpasition of air agitation of the solutions.
  • improves circulation of the turbulent flow and optimized mixture of the solutions.
  • assures uniform mixture of solutions and improve product quality.

K2 Mixing Fluid Spray Nozzle Models and Sizes:

ModelInlet conn (Inch)L(mm)D(mm)D(mm)
K2 401/4703023
K2 603/81155038
K2 901/21155038
K2 1303/41656550

Performance data of K2 Mixing Fluid Spray Nozzle:

Inlet conn NPTor BSPT(M)large acreage flow ratehydraulic pressure input
1/4Inlet flow rate(L/min) “A”11.31619.52325283032
1/4complemental volumn(L/min) “B”4259728493102110118
1/4Circle total flow (L/min) A+B53.37591.5107118130140150
1/4Effective range(m)0.911.52.12.633.74.35.2

Ordering Info of K1 Air Absorption Flat Fan Spray Nozzle:

K2 40——3/8——PP
ModelEntrance sizeMaterial

In large solution tank, annular distribution of the mix fluid nozzle is more effective than mono-distribution, and horizontal arrangement is the lowest efficiency. The mixing fluid nozzle should be installed at the bottom of the tank in order to get to a maximum circulation rate. Below are some of the typical distribution of the mixing fluid nozzle.

tank and bath spraying effect diagram by k2 mixing fluid nozzle

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