Project Description

High Pressure Water Mist Nozzle For Fire Fighting

High pressure water mist nozzle is an important component for high pressure water mist fire fighting system.

High Pressure Water Mist nozzle for fire fighting

Material : SS316 , SS303

Application : Fire fighting , Fire-protection

K factor : 0.5 to 3.5

Spray Angle : 120 Degree

Working Pressure : 10 Mpa

Thread Type : BSPT / NPT

Inch Size : M18*1.5

Certificates : ISO9001,ISO14001

Structure & Principles

High pressure water mist nozzle is mainly composed of nozzle tip, nozzle body, nozzle core and filter parts. Liquid rapidly spray from the nozzle orifices after passing through the nozzles at a certain pressure, producing strongly friction with the ambient air, thus the liquid flow is torn then becomes the water mist spraying along a certain angle.

The spraying mist for this high pressure water mist nozzle is grade I, Dv0.9≤100μ, it‘s high pressured, good spreading effected and long time water mist dwelled on. This nozzle is also water saving by decreasing the strength of fire fighting and controlling comparing with others


Crafted designed with stainless steel material.

The average droplet is smaller than 100um, and the distribution of the droplets are dense and uniform and long time dwelled on.

The perfect inner flow passage design enables it spraying farther, meanwhile the unique vortex spraying technology helps to overcome the effects of air resistance on the droplet range.

Equipped with non-blocking SS 304 filter.

Equipped with German high response JOB glass ball insures a quickly reaction for the temperature when it’s in a fire.

All those above design characteristics make the nozzle uniformly distribution for droplets, large flow rate and long distance for the spraying, the variety of spray angles and model selection reduce the collisions between the droplets and optimized the misting performance.


High pressure water mist nozzle is an important component for high pressure water mist fire fighting system, it is mainly use for publics fire fighting by cool the fire, make the steam isolated from the oxygen and reduce the radiant heat.

Performace Data

S/N Model Kfactor (K) Work Pressure (MPa) Flow Rate (L/M) Max Install Space (m) Max Install Height (m)
1 XSWT0.5/10-68° 0.5 10 5 2.5 3
2 XSWT0.7/10-68° 0.7 10 7 2.5 3
3 XSWT0.9/10-68° 0.9 10 9 3 3
4 XSWT1.0/10-68° 1 10 10 3 3
5 XSWT1.2/10-68° 1.2 10 12 3 4
6 XSWT1.5/10-68° 1.5 10 15 3.5 4
7 XSWT1.7/10-68° 1.7 10 17 4 4
8 XSWT2.0/10-68° 2 10 20 4 5

Ordering Information

XSWT 1.1/10-68°
1.0-K factor (K)
10MPa 10-minimum working Pressure 10MPa
68°C – nozzle with a nominal operation temperature of 68°C
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