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Rotary Tank Washing Nozzle CYCO-05

The Rotary tank washing nozzle CYCO-05 adopts the optimized structure design. And can produce more impact water flow than usual.

rotary tank washing nozzle cyco-05
  • Model Series: CYCO-05

  • Material: 316LSS PEEK

  • Lubrication: Self lubricating through cleaning fluid

  • Working pressure: 3-150 Bar

  • Max Working Temperature: 95℃

  • Clean Angle: 360 degree

  • Clean Diameter: 5 m

  • Connection: 3/4″ BSPP Female

  • Clean Cycle: 3-5 min

Rotary Thank Washing Nozzle Features:

  1. Optimized structure design, and can produce more impact water flow.
  2. Excellent sealing design, leakage of water only 3%, thus more economical cleaning solution.
  3. The design of independent gearbox is adopted to protect the interior gear from damage and can work in poor water quality.

Rotary Tank Washing Nozzle Application

It is suitable for three-dimensional cleaning of medium and small tanks and for tanker trucks and underground tanks, such as tank cleaning, beer, pharmaceutical, chemical, industrial fermentation, and occasions where high impact cleaning is required.

As a Chinese Tank nozzle supplier, CYCO provide various kinds tank cleaning solutions by various kinds of tank washing nozzle.

Order Info of CYCO-05 Tank Washing Nozzle:

Series: CYCO-05 Orifice: 4 Nozzle qty: 4
Angle: 360° Material: 316SS Connection: BSPP 3/4

CYCO5-4 Data Sheet

Model No.: CYCO5-4 Type: Impeller reducer drive
Weight: 2.6Kg Working pressure: 4-20 bar
Recommend pressure: 5-8 bar Clean cycle: 4-8 min
Material: 316L Clean angle: 360°
Clean Diameter: 5m Minimum mounting calibre: 100mm
Connnection: 3/4″ BSPP Female (customized connection optional)
performance curve data of rotary tank washing nozzle
performance curve data of rotary tank washing nozzle
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