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Rotary Tank Washing Nozzle

M-50 Rotary Compact Tank Washing Nozzle Consists of the welded pipe of 304SS, long plug, short plug, spring, small protective case of Teflon, big protective case of Teflon, rotating rod of POM, rotor and connecting rod of 316SS.

Rotary Tank Washing Nozzle
  • Tank Nozzle Spray Characteristics

  • High impact scrubbing action

  • Slow rotation speed provides better cleaning

  • Wide Coverage

  • Flow Rate: 76 to 132 L/min.

  • Materials: 304SS, 316SS Stainless Steel and Plastic.

  • Spraying Angle: 360 degree.

  • Working Pressure: 1.5 bar-12 bar.

M-50 Rotating Tank Washing Nozzle Features:

Compact deign fits through small operations. O.D.: m-50-49mm

Superior cleaning at low pressure and low flow rates for greater economy

Self cleaning

No ball bearing to corrode

m-50 rotating tank washing nozzle

Technical Data of M-50 Rotary Tank Washing Nozzle

Nozzle Order No. Technical Data Flow Rates (l/m) Spray Radius (m/ft)
M-50 1.4/20 76 20 1.8/6
2.1/30 95 25 2.1/7
2.8/40 110 29 2.1/7
3.4/50 125 33 1.8/6
4.1/60 132 35 1.5/5

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