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Rotating Tank Wash Nozzles

CYCO & Changyuan has four types of compact rotary tank washing cleaning nozzle, They are 12810, 19250, 282500 and 36250.

Rotating Tank Wash Nozzles
  • It consists of 3 high-impact fan nozzles mounted into the rotary spray nozzle body.

  • The tank washing nozzle can generate self-rotary drive 360° spraying for good cleaning.

  • The two models tank washing nozzle both are high effective for small tank and drum cleaning.

  • 19250 Max Pressure: 13 Bar; 12810 Max Pressure: 5 Bar.

We will introduce the 12810 and 19250 model details as below.

Rotary Tank Wash Nozzles 19250

19250 Compact tank washing nozzle can generate self-rotary drive for side spraying by two flat fan spray tip with 25 mm hole. The top hatch makes a whole global spraying available.

The main material is 316 stainless steel, while axletree and axletree circle are made of rigid stainless steel for longest wearability life.

The max pressure is 13 bar and max temperature is 180 centigrade.

compact tank washing nozzle 19250

Performance Data of Rotary Tank Cleaning Nozzle 19250 model:

Nozzle Order No.Capacity (L/min)
1.5 bar3 bar4 bar5 bar6 bar8 bar10 bar12 bar

Size and Weight:

Nozzle ModelA (mm)B (mm)Net Weight (kg)

Rotary Tank Wash Nozzles 12810

12810 Compact tank washing nozzle is a compact, easy installed  small rotary cleaning nozzle, which can extends into the bottle neck as diameter 25 mm for an effective cleaning.

The unique design, the four flat fan spray nozzles produce a driving force for their special positions to the tank for 360 degree.

So the 12810 is very effective for the small tank drum cleaning.

rotary compact tank washing nozzle 12810 model
diagram of rotary compact tank washing nozzle 12810 model

Performance Data of Rotary Tank Cleaning Nozzle 12810 model:

Nozzle Order No.Capacity (L/min)Weight (kg)
1 bar1.5 bar2 bar3 bar4 bar5 bar
Download Specification 19250
Download Specification 12810

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