Project Description

Siphon Gravity-Fed Air Atomizing Nozzle Head

Siphon Gravity-Fed Air Atomizing nozzle Head is a nozzle head that can be installed on various kinds of air atomizing nozzles. It could produce a round or flat fan pattern spraying effect according to the nozzle head (also called air cap) shape.


General Description:

When using siphon or gravity-fed fluid system, it can be supplied to the fluid by siphon or gravity-fed. In these devices, the fluid is absorbed and sent to the gas stream through conveyor where it is atomized in the gas stream.

Design Features of Siphon Gravity-Fed Air Atomizing Nozzle Head:

For those nozzle of round and flat spray pattern, the spray can maintain the spray angle of A when it is within the distance of B If beyond the distance of B, the spray would turn to torrent, and jet to the distance of D.

diagram and spraying effect of siphon-gravity-fed-air-atomizing-nozzle-heads

Performance Data of Siphon Gravity-Fed Air Atomizing Round Nozzle Head(Round Air Cap):

model consists of air cap and fluid cap atomized air fluid volumn(L/H) spray dimensions of 20cm siphon height.
air pressure bar air volumn (L/Min) Gravity-head siphon heigh air pressure bar Spray angle A B D
45 (cm) 15 (cm) 20 (cm) 90 (cm) (cm) (cm)
SU1A Liquid Capl650 and AirCap 64 0.7 11.3