Project Description

Siphon Oil Nozzles

Siphon air atomizing nozzle is a kind of air atomizing nozzle that can create the best atomizing effect under low pressure.

siphon oil nozzle
  • Feature a solid cone spray pattern with extremely fine particle size at low air pressures and low CFM.

  • Flow rates, spraying angle and droplet sizes can be modified, with limitations, by variations in the air.

  • Clog-free operation of low volume due to relatively large passages.

It is widely used in diesel oil, heavy oil, water residue oil, animal and plant oil, alcohol-based fuel combustion machine system, as well as kerosene, oil atomization.

diagram of siphon air atomizing oil nozzle

Siphon Air Atomizing Oil Nozzles Characters:

  • CYCO & Changyuan Siphon