Project Description

SJV Three-Piece Full Cone Flat Fan Spray Nozzle

All SJVC flat fan spray nozzle are finish machining. It can provide the accurate flow and spray angle.

  • SJV Three-piece full cone flat fan spray nozzle
  • SJVA-hollow-cone-spray-tip
  • SJVB-Full-cone-spray-tip
  • SJVC-spray-tips
  • SJVW-wide-angle-spray-tip

Common Application:

  • Low pressure washing
  • Chemotherapy coating
  • Metal cleaning and processing
  • Spray coating
  • Degreasing and rinsing
  • Parts washing /cleaning
  • Spray cooling
  • Pressure cleaning
  • Sand, coal, gravel washing

SJVW provide wide angle flat fan atomization, SJVB provide standard solid cone atomization and SJVA provide taper atomization.

SIV Three-piece full cone flat fan spray nozzle