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Wind Jet Spray Nozzle

F Wind Jet Spray Nozzle features a high impact, flat fan distribution of compressed air.



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Design Features of the F Series Wind Jet Nozzle

Wind Jet Nozzle is available in durable ABS plastic or aluminum alloy. It produces a quiet, efficient, controlled flat fan distribution of compressed air. The air stream is discharged through 16 precision orifices that ensure uniform distribution and spray pattern integrity.

It fits through 1/4 inch inlet connection with BSPT male screw thread. Two convenient mounting holes on the ABS model ensure correct positioning on the header or manifold or fixed applications, offering uniform distribution of air curtain.

water flow guide diagram of wind jet nozzle
Wind Jet Spray Nozzle 3

Plastic F WindJet Nozzle withstands temperatures up to 77° at 7 bar.

While aluminum alloy F Wind Jet Nozzle withstands temperature of 250° and pressure about 30 bar.

Performance Data of Wind Jet Nozzle


Dimensions and Diagram of Wind Jet Nozzle


Order Info of the F Series Wind Jet Nozzle

F1/4-ALMA    Aluminum Alloy Material.

F1/4-ABS        Plastic Material


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