Self-cleaning fan-shaped nozzle of the paper-making nozzle series The working characteristics of the self-cleaning spray nozzle : When the nozzle of the self-cleaning nozzle is blocked by foreign matter, the pressure in the nozzle body will automatically increase to promote the enlargement of the diameter. After the foreign matter is automatically discharged, the nozzle diameter will automatically return to the normal spray state. The axis and spray axis are designed in the same way, which is convenient for the position arrangement of several nozzles. The main purpose and application scope   of the self-cleaning nozzle Papermaking: net cleaning, felt cleaning, drum cleaning,   iron washing: continuous casting machine steel plate cooling   water treatment: filter extruder cleaning, conveyor belt extruder cleaning , Defoaming, clean the surface of the air-blast filter sand.   Electronics: Alkaline cleaning of substrates.   Automobiles and home appliances: pre-treatment for coating.

The design method of the self-cleaning fan-shaped nozzle of the paper-making nozzle series :