Spiral Spray Nozzles for Desulfurization Tower

Today we will get to know the spray nozzles for desulfurization tower.

There are three types of desulfurization tower nozzles, three-eighths to three-sixths of the spiral nozzle, large flow of max passage BB solid cone nozzle and large flow short full cone nozzle.


Today we will make a general introduction for the mostly used spiral spray nozzle for desulfurization tower.

1 General Introduction of Spiral Nozzle

The spiral nozzle is a solid cone or hollow cone spray nozzle with a spray angle of 50-170 degrees. The liquid flow rate ranges from 5.5-4140 l/min. With smooth runners, this compact nozzles structure greatly reduce liquid obstruction, allowing the liquid to reach large flows on pipes of a given size.

2 Structure of Spiral Nozzle

Spiral nozzles have internal and external threaded types. Usually 1/4-6 inch nozzle can be used in brass, 316 stainless steel material. And some can be made with silicone carbon material.

Today’s power plants are mostly using silicone carbon spiral nozzle in desulfurization and flue gas treatment. Silicone carbon spiral nozzle has the feature of high temperature, corrosion resistance, wear and tear and other good characteristics.

spiral spray nozzles for desulfurization tower

3 The working Principle of Spiral Nozzle

Liquids (or slurries) form a fog by cutting and colliding with continuously smaller spiral surfaces, which become tiny beads of liquid. The streamlined design in the nozzle cavity from inlet to outlet makes the resistance coefficient to drop to a low level. So the spiral nozzle is suitable for a variety of Insutrial applications. For example: chemical, environmental protection, electricity, textile and many other industrial fields, especially the flue gas desulfurization dust industry is more widely used. Its wear resistance, corrosion resistance, fogging ability and anti-blocking have been accepted by many users in different industries.

4 The Character of Spiral Nozzle

4.1  Not Easy to get Blocked

Because the spiral nozzle does not have an internal structure, the impurities in the waste gas waste water can pass through the nozzle in large numbers without blocking and clogging, which is undoubtedly a good choice for the exhaust gas and waste water. the waste gas and waste water contain a large number of impurities that can be easily get blocked, and the use of spiral nozzles just solve this problem. Multi-layer spray conventional 120-degree spiral nozzles have 3 to 4 spray layered interface, some other angles even have many layers of layered interface.

Each interface forms a tapered spray surface, a spiral nozzle has at least 3-4 tapered spray surface, sometimes even more than 6-7 spray surface. this is at least the triple spraying effect more than the ordinary solid tapered nozzle effect.

4.2  Many Types of Models

In terms of spray angle, the spiral nozzle has 60 degrees, 90 degrees, 110 degrees and 120 degrees; In spray mode, the spiral nozzle has hollow cone direct spray and a solid cone direct spray two types. In terms of size, the spiral nozzle has sizes from 1/4 inch to 4 inches. In terms of flow rate, it has 3 kg pressure 5.5 l/min to 4140 l/min/ Minutes. In terms of materials used, the spiral nozzles has PP, PVC, nylon, PE, Steel, PVDF, PTFE, TELFON, F4, ceramics, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel and silicon carbide materials etc.


4.3  Reduce the Cost

Using spiral nozzles can reduce must cost. Under kiln sintering process, it is manufactured by mold in bulk. The manufacturing cost is Comparative cheaper than ordinary metal nozzles.

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