Spray Nozzle and Nozzle Head Difference

Many people can’t tell exactly what differences between spray nozzle and spray head, including a lot of nozzle distributors that can’t really distinguish them.

Now we would like to make some brief introduction for them.

The simplest way, nozzles are generally multi-components. And the spray head generally refers to the one-piece single spray head or spray tip, it is a single component, like the home tap can be used directly single-type spray head.


Commonly used nozzles are: air atomized nozzles, cone nozzles, quick dismounting nozzles, plastic nozzles, stainless steel nozzles, clamp nozzles, etc., In many desulfurization projects, spiral nozzles and vortex nozzles actually are nozzle heads rather than nozzles.

Commonly used nozzle head are: cleaning nozzles, one-body fan-shaped nozzles, spiral nozzles, vortex nozzles, wide-angle fan-shaped nozzles, narrow-angle fan-shaped nozzles.


To distinguish the the components of the nozzle and spray nozzle itself could help us get better use of the spray nozzle. We don’t need to exactly divide them.

If you have to divide between them, we can say the spray nozzle includes all the nozzle heads, which are just part of the spray nozzle category.