How to Use Tank cleaning Nozzle in Self Cleaning System

If you need to wash the tanks, barrels, containers, tank truck or any other containers, What kind of tool and method you will use? Manual spraying or automatic self cleaning system.

Considering the cost

If you use the manual washing, or injection and emptying method, it may cost more time and labor. If use the antomatic cleaning solution, you may save several thousands dollors on each tank every year.

All tank cleaning target is to cleaning, maintaining, or disinfecting the tank facilities. This will avoid the pollution. If pollution exists and expands, the products’ safety, density, purity and quality will be affected in the tank.

Then Let’s look at the Automatic Self Cleaning System Procedure:

First, Choose the suitable tank cleaning nozzle

We need to consider these factors to help you choose the satisfactory tank cleaning nozzle.

  1. Know the Cleaning requirements: Rinsing, cleaning, high strength cleaning, disinfecting, sterilizing.
  2. Identify cleaning fluid and cleaning fluid temperature
  3. Measure the size and spraying length of tanking
  4. Calculate the minimum flow rate of cleaning
  5. Calculate the required pressure
  6. Determine the proper washing grade and the best spray pattern
  7. Determine the tank design according to spraying scope and block
  8. Determine the washing time on each cleaning spraying period
  9. Choose the appropriate spray nozzle materials and connection type

Second, ensure the liquid to transmit to spray nozzle

Pipeline strainer is the important parts for automatic spraying system. Especially when liquid would block the nozzle or hinder the nozzle’s rotating, it will makes cleaning is not enough or will bring potenial product contamination. So the pipeline strainer will provent the block and will prolong the nozzle and pump’s use life.

The spray lance is not only a installation part, it also could ensue the liquid to transmit to nozzle efficiently.

Third, Cleaning System integration

We need to integrate all parts together, including the spray nozzle, pump, power generator, valve and strainer, then the high efficent tank cleaning system will be completed.

Usually, A good tank cleaning system integrate high-quality pump and power generator, Input/output valve with pressure gauge and inlet screen. If need to enhance the cleaning effect, we can use cycle time control and chemical injection to help.


So, there all about the the introduction of auto self tank cleaning system.

It need to consider which kind of tank cleaning nozzle according to the actual situation. It need deficient transmission of liquid, and at last it need integrate all the relevant parts including tank cleaning nozzle together.

Hope our introduction could help you, and welcome to contact and communicate with us if any queries or suggestions. Thank you.