Project Description

Automatic Air Atomizing Nozzle With Fan Pattern

DK Automatic Fine Misting Nozzle is used for moistening and coating which requires accurate spraying and coating area.

automatic air atomizing nozzle
Material Stainless Steel
Spray pattern Flat Fan
Type Air Atomizing Nozzle
Water pressure 0.6bar-1.2bar
Color Silver
Application Dust suppression, Humidifying Systems, Spray Cooling

The automatic fine atomizing nozzle could independently control liquid atomizing gas pressure and fan gas pressure to adjust flow rate, droplet size, spraying distribution and coverage area accurately.

Resulting from the scientific and rational design, the nozzle can spray viscous liquid ideally.

Also, the single gas atomizing pipeline can be adjusted to alter the droplet size without altering the flow rate.

With an accessional entrance/exit passage, the viscous liquid circles to keep itself flowing.

Anyone of these seven different spray devices is available, the flow rate is between 2.8L/H and 179L/H. The flow rate of atomizing gas, fan gas and liquid can be adjusted and readjusted within several seconds.

So the nozzle can be adjusted to adapt various spray application. The ‘one-off’ of timing controller can run automatically at the rate of 180 cycles per minute. The cylinder works only when the air pressure reaches 2.4 bar at least.

Automatic air atomizing nozzle parameter data

automatic air atomizing nozzle parameter data

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