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Plastic Clamp Spray Nozzle J Series

The J Series of Plastic Clamp Nozzle is installed in the pipe size of 1/2″, 3/4″ or 1″ with the size of the orifice 3/8″. The pressure is 320 bar for accessories.

Common Application:

Metal Cleaning

Degreasing in surface treatment

Phosphatizing in surface treatment

Other Low Pressure Spraying Applications

J Series Of Plastic Clamp Nozzle Features:

The standard material for gasket is PP while Viton is available. Gaskets fixed in spray caps are installed on spray tips.

The interchangeable spray tips whose operating pressure limit is 20 bar, are made from PP/SS/Brass.

Grooves are designed in spray caps to fix the lugs. The spray caps are made from nylon.

J Series Plastic Clamp Nozzle Models:

Part No. Folder Tube
JK7421-1/2-NYB 1/2″ Lamp
JK7421-3/4-NYB 3/4″ Lamp
JK7421-1-NYB 1″ Lamp

Spray Tips for J Series Plastic Clamp Nozzles:

Spray tips (tips need be replaced after first wear out ) Quick Removeable Tips Part No.
Spray tips Quick removeable tips and gasket
flat fan spray tip for sjc-cc-08 Standard model No. of Flat fan spray tips (on the small side flow) to SJC-CC-08 quick removable spray tips for plastic clamp nozzle1 CP25611-NY 25612-NYR
flat fan spray tip for sjc-cc-10-20 Standard model No. of Flat fan spray tips (comparatively large flow) to SJC-CC-10 to SJC-CC-20 quick removable spray tips for plastic clamp nozzle2 CP25609-NY 25610-NYR

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