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Siphon Oil Nozzles

Siphon air atomizing nozzle is a kind of air atomizing nozzle that can create the best atomizing effect under low pressure.

siphon oil nozzle
  • Feature a solid cone spray pattern with extremely fine particle size at low air pressures and low CFM.

  • Flow rates, spraying angle and droplet sizes can be modified, with limitations, by variations in the air.

  • Clog-free operation of low volume due to relatively large passages.

It is widely used in diesel oil, heavy oil, water residue oil, animal and plant oil, alcohol-based fuel combustion machine system, as well as kerosene, oil atomization.

Siphon Air Atomizing Oil Nozzles Characters:

  • CYCO & Changyuan Siphon oil nozzles are used for atomizing oil burning. They can be customized according to DANFOSS, DELAVAN, STEINEN.
  • It’s the best air atomization oil nozzle for spraying atomize effort in low pressure, better clog-resistance effort because of bigger flue passage, and can produce particulate oil-mist in low pressure and low air volume.
  • Atomizing and mixing oil droplet by using the cyclone of compressed air in the pipeline.
  • Small oil mist particles can be produced at low pressure and low gas volume.
  • Spray flow, angle and particle size can be adjusted by controlling air flow and pressure.
  • Large fluid channel, so there is a good anti-blocking effect.
  • Excellent effect in liquid atomization of oil viscosity such as, heavy oil, wast oil and combustion machine oil.

Siphon Air Atomizing Oil Nozzles Application:

  • For atomizing oil burning
  • Used in diesel oil, heavy oil, waste engine oil, wast residue oil, animal and plant oil
  • Used in alcohol-based fuel and other fuel
  • Combustion spray systems, workshop spray humidification and cooling systems
  • Parts cleaning and dust removal
  • Industrial spray products of various types

Parameter of Burner Nozzle:

Model No. Air Pressure 0.1Mpa
Capacity Kg/h
Air Pressure 0.2Mpa
Capacity Kg/h
Air Pressure 0.3Mpa
Capacity Kg/h
MK-04 1.5 1 200
MK-07 3.6 4.5 4 200
MK-09 4 5.5 5.6 200
MK-11 5 6 6 200
MK-13 5.5 6.5 6.6 200
MK-15 6.6 9 9.5 200
MK-19 13 18 21 200

Parameter of Air Atomization Nozzle:

Model No. Spiral Chute Orifice Size Insert Air Pressure 0.2Mpa
Capacity Kg/h
WN-01 4 x 0.8 Φ1.2 Φ3 10 200
WN-02 6 x 0.8 Φ2.0 Φ3.2 15 200
WN-03 6 x 0.8 Φ2.3 Φ3.5 20 200
WN-04 6 x 1.2 Φ2.5 Φ4 30 200
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