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Waste Oil Burner Nozzle

OD series oil burner nozzle is a kind of high-pressure atomizing oil burner nozzle that suitable for atomizing and burning for light oil, heavy oil.

Material : Brass / Stainless Steel

Thread Size : 1/4″ / 3/8″ / 1/2″ / 1/4″ BSPT OR NPT

Flow Rate : 1.6- 3.4L/H

Oil Pressure : 0.2 bar / Air Pressure : 2kg

Spray Pattern : Solid/Hollow Cone/Semi-Cone

Inserts : Stainless Steel / Ceramic

There are 4 angles for the spraying – 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 60 degrees and 80 degrees, 3 spraying models:  full cone (S), semi full cone(B), hollow cone(H), the nozzle models are available from 0.5 usgal to 35 usgal.

The Brass body and stainless steel metering parts permit machining to close tolerances for precision and consistently high performance. Brass transmits heat fast from the nozzle face to reduce the possibility of varnish and oil residue buildup. Stainless steel provides that extra durability for metering parts where wear is a factor.

Certificates : ISO 9001, ISO14001, Bureau Veritas

OD Series Oil Burner Nozzle Features:

CYCO & Changyuan Oil burner nozzles used for atomizing oil burning, They have 4 different spraying angles 30°, 45°, 60°, 80°, and 3 spraying pattern: solid cone, hollow cone, semi-solid cone. Oil filter net is inserted in the nozzle for non-clog. They are also called snow making nozzles in some places.

Different oil filter matches different capacity, details as below:
A: capacity from 0.30-0.35 us gal/h use 30 micro melting cooper filter.
B: capacity from 0.40-0.85 us gal/h use 45 micro melting cooper filter.
C: capacity from 1.00-1.75 us gal/h use 75 micro melting cooper filter.
D: capacity from 2.00-11.00 us gal/h use 145 micro melting cooper filter.
E: capacity above 12.00 us gal/h do not use the filter.


  • For atomizing oil burning

Torque After Installed

Nozzle mounting button
Recommend Installed Torque 1.5-20Nm
Max. Installed Torque 25Nm

Ordering Info

CYCO OD 1.75 60° S
Brand Serial No. Model No. Spray Angle Spray Pattern

Models and Performance Data:

Model Spray angle rate of flow (10bar)
30° 45° 60° 80°
0.50 H S H S H S H S 1.87
0.55 H S H S H S H S 2.11
0.60 H S H S H S H S 2.37
0.65 H S B H S B H S B H S B 2.67
0.70 H S B H S B H S B H S B 2.94
0.85 H S B H S B H S B H S B 3.31
1.00 H S B H S B H S B H S B 3.72
1.10 H S H S H S H S 4.24
1.20 H S H S H S H S 4.45
1.25 H S B H S B H S B H S B 4.71
1.35 H S B H S B H S B H S B 5.17
1.50 H S B H S B H S B H S B 5.84
1.65 H S H S H S H S 6.08
1.75 H S H S H S H S 6.55
2.00 H S B H S B H S B H S B 7.42
2.25 H S B H S B H S B H S B 8.35
2.50 H S B H S B H S B H S B 9.29
2.75 H S B H S B H S B H S B 10.5
3.00 H S B H S B H S B H S B 11.6
3.50 S S S S 12.9
3.75 B S B S B S B 13.8
4.00 S S S 14.2
4.50 S B S B S B 16.1
5.00 S B S B S B 18.5
5.50 S B S B S B 20.9
6.00 S B S B S B 23.4
6.50 B B B 26.1
7.00 S 27.9
7.50 B B B 29.8
8.00 S 31.5
8.50 B B B 33.1
9.00 S 35.4
10.00 B B B 37.7
11.00 B B B 42.5
12.00 B B B 47.7
13.50 B B B 54.3
15.00 B B B 60.4
17.00 B B 67.4
19.50 B B 76.2
22.00 B B B 86.4
25.00 B B 96.7
28.00 B B 109.5
31.50 B B B 155.5
35.00 B 133.5
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