The Application of Fog Humidification Nozzle System

Many company have their own workshop and production & assembling plant. And they all install the spray humidification equipment inside the workshop. This could help humidify the air, eliminate dryness. And then is there any else benefit?


Dust reduction:

When the air is dry, it will appear a large amount of dust. Dust will affect product quality, such as in the electronics factory. When soldering, if there is dust falling in the welding position, there will be a gap that we can not see by eyes. So that solder is not strong. When air humidity increases, Large particles of dust in the air can be aggregated together, dropped to the ground, to achieve the purpose of dust reduction.



Static electricity has very large harmful effect on industrial production. Especially discharge, it will cause a lot of damage to the production equipment inside the electronic components, which will lead to equipment failure. Static electricity is mainly due to air drying. The use of humidification system can eliminate drying, then static electricity will not appear. So that enterprise production will not be affected by static electricity.

Cooling down:

Humidifier air can cool down, because the fog generated by the humidifier equipment is very fine particles. They will vaporize quickly, vaporization will take away a large amount of heat. Then the temperature can be reduced. in the open outdoor, such as squares, scenic spots are very suitable to use the humidifier to cool down.


Humidifier system it self has the nature featrure of humidification effect, in some worksop and plant, it need some high humid effect, the dry fog humidifier nozzle system could make a very good effect.


Intelligent Dry fog humidifier has the advantages of fine misting particles, low power consumption, high atomizing effect and quick humidification.

The Dry fog humidifier nozzles system has the muti-function of air humidification, air purification, Anti-static, anti-powder, temperature reduction and dust suppression etc. It not only could do even humidifying in a very large space, also could do partial humidification in special space. It has a very high flexibility. And could provide relative solution for different industries.