Types and Work Principle of Industrial Spray Nozzle

First, the introduction of industrial spray nozzles

Industrial spray nozzles, people often referred to as nozzles for convenience. Most of the industrial nozzles are installed in a variety of spraying equipments. According to different needs and industries, industrial nozzles also play some different roles.

Industrial nozzles are widely used in environmental protection, coating pre-treatment, circuit board, petroleum, chemical, steel, metallurgy, electronics, cement, food, paper, printing, agriculture and livestock industries and other industries. It can be said that almost all kinds of industry need the spray nozzle.

Second, the classification of industrial nozzles

1, According to the material division of industrial nozzles, it can be divided into: metal nozzles, plastic nozzles, ceramic nozzles and alloy nozzles. Metal and plastic nozzles are the first to be used in the market.

because of the high cost of the material used, Ceramic nozzles and alloy nozzles are suitable for some of the high requirements of the material industry. Also because of the high cost, very few people will use ceramic and alloy material nozzles.

2, According to the different nozzle spray shape can be divided into: conical nozzle, square nozzle, rectangular nozzle, oval nozzle, fan nozzle, column flow (DC) nozzle, etc. In addition to fan nozzle and DC nozzle, other nozzles include solid cone and hollow cone two types.

3, According to the different nature of fluid go through the nozzle, it can be divided into: single fluid nozzle (a substance), dual fluid nozzle (two kinds of substances), multi-fluid nozzle (above two kinds of substances );

4, According to the different industries applied, industrial spray nozzle can be divided into: petrochemical nozzles, agricultural nozzles, textile nozzles, paper nozzles, printing nozzles, environmental protection (desulfurization, denitrification and dust removal, etc.) nozzles, iron and steel metallurgical nozzles, coking nozzles, electronic nozzles and food nozzles, etc.

5, According to the nozzle spray media classsification, it can be divided into: water nozzle, oil nozzle, powder nozzle, gas nozzle, mixed media nozzle, water and coal slurry nozzle (such as Texaco, four nozzles) and so on.

This is Picture of the Different Kinds of Industrial Spray Nozzle

Types of Industry Spray Nozzle

Third, the application principle of industrial nozzles

The main functions of industrial nozzles are cleaning, spraying, coating, cooling, dust and dust removal, lubrication, removal, stripping, humidification, sterilization, disinfection, gas regulation, spray drying, fire prevention and so on. The atomization nozzle works as a device that can atomize liquid and suspend it evenly in the air.

Through internal pressure, the internal liquid extrusion into the nozzle, the inside of the nozzle is placed a piece of iron, high-speed flow of liquid hit the iron sheet, rebound to form a diameter of about 15-60 microns atomized particles, and through the nozzle outlet spray. This is the work principle and theory of industrial spray nozzles.

So That’s all About the Introduction of the Industrial Spray Nozzle Type and Work Principle. Hope this is helpful for you.