What is a gas-water hybrid humidifier?

The Changyuan two-fluid soda humidifier is a combination of liquid water and the vapor of an air compressor. Under pressure, it is ejected from the nozzle to form very small mist particles with a particle size of about 7.5 microns. It is the only one in China. An air-water hybrid humidifier with the same quality as the Japanese pool humidifier. The soda-water hybrid humidifier is composed of 8 nozzles, divided into 4 pairs, each nozzle is plugged, and the spray distance is up to four meters away. , As well as its superb technical design and exquisite appearance of the humidifier, it is very cute, and its working ability is even more lovely. It has been well received by textile mills, paper mills and other demanding enterprises for a long time. The quality of any product is not about production. The manufacturer has said nothing, but the praise from the customers after using it. The beer that has formed in a certain circle industry goes deep into the hearts of users unknowingly. Such a hybrid humidifier is a good humidifier.

According to strong evidence from big data, most of the products of small companies often do not produce fog, and the solution is not solved in time or temporarily, and problems still occur soon. If you are using a faulty product, in order not to affect the use effect, in order to reduce For economic losses, please use a well-known brand-soda-water hybrid Changyuan dry mist humidifier. If you want to know the product, please click on the    dry  mist humidifier nozzle