0 Angle Solid Stream Nozzle and High Pressure Needle Nozzle

As we know, the spray nozzle can be made by CNC Unibody, and also can be assembled by the several parts, for example, spray tips, gasket and nozzle body.

Today we are talking about some kinds of zero angle spray nozzle, some are 0 angle solid stream nozzle, and some are high pressure nozzle nozzle with ceramic or ruby core inside.

First, we will talk about the 0 angle spray nozzle.

There is one type QJJ Stainless Steel Dismantling Nozzle. It is assembled by three pieces parts as mentioned above. By using some special kinds of spray tips for example, QCL tip, it will produce the 0 angle spray.


Another is the SJVB Spray nozzle Tip. The Picture and specification is as below.


And there is an extra high pressure solid stream nozzle that special use for paper pulp washing.


Then Second, The high pressure Needle Nozzle with 0 angle spray

There are two series of high pressure needle nozzle.


Generally, the solid stream nozzle and high pressure needle nozzle has the features as below:

It Can produce the highest strike force in the area of the unit area, it is the Ideal choice for applications that require high-impact force.

It could Adjust the atomization device by changing the pressure of the gas or liquid, and produces microdrop-sized or coarse spraying droplets.

The external mixing sheet fluid column flow nozzle has high flow rate. It Characteristics of the flow of air and liquid that can be independently regulated. It is very convenient and practical.

And the solid stream nozzle and high pressure needle nozzle have widely applications. They can be widely used in coating, electronics, machinery, chemicals, medicine, textiles, food, precision instrumentation, metallurgy and other industries.